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Aluminium coil for tankers bulkhead

Aluminium coil for tankers bulkhead covers alloys of 3003, 5083, 5454 and 5182. The thickness is from 3mm to 10mm, and width 100mm to 2650mm. Common features of these alloy are good strength and corrosion resistance. In particular, 5000 series of aluminum coils are known as marine grade aluminium material, and are thus an ideal tanker making material.

bulkhead position in a tanker and an aluminium bulkhead.jpg

3003- H16, 5052-H32

Wide roof coil

Width up to 2630mm

5083 – O, H111

Tanker body, bulkhead

Gauge 3–10mm, width up to 2650mm

5454 – O, H111, H32

Tankers bulkhead

Gauge 3-10mm, width up to 2650mm

5182 – O, H111, H32

Tankers bulkhead, body

Gauge 3-10mm, width up to 2650mm

Advantages of aluminium coil for tankers bulkhead

1. Effectively reduce the overall weight of the tanker, the same volume of aluminum alloy is almost only 1/3 of the weight of steel. The application of aluminum alloy on the tanker greatly reduces its own weight. To

2. The aluminum alloy itself has extremely high corrosion resistance. Even if the bulkhead made of the aluminum coil is in contact with liquid, it does not matter, and it will not cause pollution to the filling oil, water, and water due to oxidation.

3. The aluminum wash boards can be recycled and reused. This not only saves resources but also recover part of the cost of investing in tankers.

4. Bulkheads made of aluminum coil are safer. Sudden braking or accidental collision will cause the liquid to violently collide with the anti-wave boards and form static electricity. The good electrical conductivity of aluminum alloy makes most of the static electricity dissolve, thereby reducing the occurrence of accidents such as explosions.


The price of aluminum coil for tankers bulkhead is similar to that of aluminium plate for tankers wash board, because the two are actually the same kind of product in either alloy or specification. Some purchasers would like it to be in coil type, because the thickness is only 8mm at most.

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